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We supply leather to many, many different trades and it would be impossible to list them all. The same could be said for the leathers we stock. We have listed some of the most popular lines below. If you wish to see a sample of any of these leathers please fill in the free sample request form. We also stock hundreds of lines of leather not featured on this website including 50,000 sq.ft. of single mixed skins. Whatever you are looking for please complete the free sample request form.

BRIDLE BUTTS (ECONOMY) Black 3.0/3.5 mm From stock Vegetable 21 sq.ft. per pair average
CHROME SHOULDERS Chrome 3.0 / 4.0 mm From stock Chrome 10/12 sq.ft.
CORRECTED SIDES Black 1.8/2.0 mm From stock Chrome 18/20 sq.ft.
COW HAIR-ON SIDES Black, dark brown, tan, natural and others From stock 2.0 mm 25 sq.ft.
DEER SKINS (HAIR ON) NATURAL From Stock 12ft Average
DYED VEGETABLE TANNED SHOULDERS Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Tan, Chestnut Red 2.8/3.2 mm From stock Vegetable 12/18 sq.ft.
GARMENT PIGSUEDE Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Green, Tan 0.7/0.9 mm From stock 10/15 sq.ft. average
GARMENT SIDES Black, Brown, Red, White, Blue 0.9/1.0 mm From stock Chrome 18/20 sq.ft. average
Leather Cubes (Stools) Brown ,Chestnut, Black 18" x18"x18" From Stock
MOTORCYCLE SIDES Black, Brown,White ,Red and others 1.2/1.4 mm From stock Chrome 18/20 sq.ft. average
NATURAL VEGETABLE TANNED SHOULDERS Natural Russet 2.8/3.2 mm From stock Vegetable 12/18 sq.ft.
NATURAL VEGETABLE TANNED SIDES Natural Russet 1.4/1.6 mm, 1.8/2.0 mm, 2.2/2.4 mm From stock Vegetable 20/24 sq.ft. average
PIGSKIN LININGS Biscuit 9/1.0 mm From stock Vegetable 8/10 sq.ft. average
SHEEPSKIN RUGS Various From Stock Washable 8/10 sq ft
SHOULDERS Black,Dk Brown,Chestnut,Tan,Navy,Green,Red,Burgundy 2.5/3.0mm From Stock Vegetable 12/14sqft
SHOULDERS HAIRCELL Black 2.2/2.4mm-2.8/3.0mm From Stock Vegetable 12-14sqft
SINGLE LEATHER SKINS All colours All weights From stock All tannages All sizes
UPHOLSTERY HIDES All colours 1.3 mm From stock Chrome 50/55 sq.ft. average
WHITE DOUBLE BUTTS White 3.0 mm From stock Vegetable 20 sq.ft.